Josephine’s Creative Career Moms: Lorene Mah of Glitter & Spice

PC Lorene Mah
PC: Lorene Mah

As a new mom I am always trying to find clothing and accessories that fit into baby life; whether it’s button-down-tops for breastfeeding, or the perfect accent necklace that doubles as a teether. With the help of creatives like Lorene Mah of Glitter and Spice, staying in style while taking on motherhood’s daily tasks has never been easier.

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When our little one began teething I started to search for some creative ways to soothe him. There are so many teething toys out there, but the idea of wearing one as an accessory was something I had to try. Carrying around wet cloths and multiple teething toys (that inevitably end up on the ground) really wasn’t working, especially if I wanted to put my son in the carrier or hold him. So when I received my first teething necklace from Glitter and Spice, I was so thrilled with this solution that I had to share.

PC: Lorene Mah

The Avery Silicone Teething Necklace from Mah’s Statement Collection is my new go-to statement necklace. When I say “go-to”, I really mean it! I wore it with a jean dress this week while my son was at home with grandma. Yup, I’m the new mom who wears teething jewellery even when I don’t have my son in tow. Aside from it being perfectly simple (something that works with almost every outfit in my closet) our little one loves it! He’s entertained by the fact that its beads can move around and the different sized beads soothe his teething needs for long periods of time. It’s great for when we are out in restaurants, especially if he’s on my lap, or just while we lounge around the house in the afternoon.

photo 4 (15) Having just started this new company in March, yes March of 2015, Mah’s literally taking the world by storm with her trendy teething jewellery. Featured in Harper’s Bazaar and soon to appear in celebrity swag bags at this year’s Emmy Awards, Mah has accomplished so much in just a few short months. After getting to know this lovely lady, it’s so easy to see why her company has grown at such a rapid pace and I am so happy to share her story this month.


  1. It’s so exciting when I hear about a creative mom that was inspired by the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Can you tell us a bit about the story behind Glitter and Spice?
PC  Momento Photography
PC: Momento Photography

 With our first born, we never had any issues with teething. Before you throw rocks at me, note that she made up for that with sleeping terribly! Then along came my son … and the teething, drooling, and constant need to smack my face and pull my hair while nursing was in full-blown effect! Needless to say, I was unprepared. I immediately scoured the shops for the perfect teething necklace, but I came back disappointed. So inspired by my darling beaver of a son, I decided to create stylish teething necklaces for the modern day mom that are safe and fun for babies to chew! 

  1. What made you decide to create teething necklaces?
PC Lorene Mah
PC: Lorene Mah

I am sure I could have ended up purchasing something I would have been happy with, but I am a bit of an excessive shopper and a perfectionist. If I want something, I MUST have it in every colour and style, and I would want it to be perfect in every way! So I often end up taking matters into my own hands to create things whenever I can. Seeing the lack of options in stylish teething necklaces fuelled my passion and desire to create trendy and chic teething necklaces for every mom, dad, and caregiver, while providing comfort to their little one throughout the teething process.

  1. How would you describe the product? Are there separate necklaces for mom, dad and baby or are they interchangeable?

Our teething jewellery (chewellery) is truly the perfect teether, and toy all wrapped up in one trendy & chic accessory! What our customers love most is the wide range of selection, and the option to customize their very own design! Our necklaces come in four sizes to accommodate everyone in the family – Adult 32’, Little Kid 22’, Toddler 20’ and Infant 18’.


  1. I love the idea of a practical and pretty item; how would you describe your design style?
PC Lorene Mah
PC: Lorene Mah

I’m a simple girl. I love classic and minimalistic designs and gravitate towards a neutral and monochromatic colour scheme (lucky for me this is on trend). But since I have started this company, it has really given me the opportunity to step outside the box and discover how much fun colours can be as well! I believe style is so subjective and forever changing. With that in mind, I made sure to create a wide range of styles and colours to ensure that every mom, dad, or caregiver will find something to fall in love with.

  1. Glitter and Spice is such a catchy name for a company, what gave you the idea for the name?

I thought about what I wanted my jewellery to represent and Glitter & Spice just clicked. I wanted to create eye-catching accessories that make a strong style statement. Like glitter, jewellery should sparkle and shimmer. And spice can turn something ordinary & plain into something mouth-watering and delectable. Whether you choose something bold or delicate, I wanted my jewellery to transform any outfit. After all, we all know that with the right shoes and accessories any outfit can go from boring to fabulous!

  1. Working with two little ones at home must pose some challenges, how do you balance work and mommy life? Do you have any suggestions for the courageous work-from-home moms out there?

Balance. The million-dollar question. I wish I had the perfect answer for all of you. Being a mom is definitely a full time job and the demands are forever changing. I think being able to adapt and distribute the balance between being a mom and running a business accordingly is key. Some days that might mean putting the business side of things on hold, and other days it might mean a fun day (or two) at grandmas so that you can focus on your business! Moms tend to want to do it all and we often have to remember to be gentle with ourselves. Having a great support team is also important and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

  1. When did you decide it was time to take the plunge and start your own company? Was there an “aha moment” for you?

Most of my friends would probably describe me as one of the most random people they know. I often get ideas in my head and just take off with it. I was fixated on finding a perfect teething necklace and the next thing you know I was looking for silicone bead manufactures and making teething necklaces when the kids are asleep.

Despite graduating with a molecular biology and biochemistry degree, I always knew that I would one day create a company of my own. I have always had a passion and desire to start my own business but like most, the fear of the unknown scared me. I think the timing was just right to give me the courage to take the plunge. I was just finishing my maternity leave, and had the perfect solution to a problem many moms like myself faced.

  1. Finally, what are your plans for the future of Glitter and Spice?

Take over the world of course! Ha! But for now, I’m taking things one day at a time and putting every ounce of my heart and soul into this company. Hopefully one day our products will be in every baby store and worn by every mom and baby!


PC Lorene Mah
PC: Lorene Mah

Mah’s story truly is a testament to the creative career mom. Inspired by the challenges of a teething tot, this mompreneur has developed the perfect mommy life accessory for styling mamas and soothing babies everywhere!

 It’s been such a pleasure getting to know Lorene and our little one loves his teething necklace so much that I’ve decided to partner up with her to offer readers a discount code. Use discount code JOSEPHINE to get 20% off your next purchase at Glitter and Spice.

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Best of luck!


Disclosure: Companies featured in this series often sponsor my posts and, or send products for review. If I love the company and their products, I am more than happy to share them with you!

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